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We love the idea of working and helping all our customers by providing all our experience covering different digital solutions, with the aim of meeting the goals of our customers.

The Online Review


This e-commerce campaign on Amazon.com/Walmart.com/Walgreens.com involved developing and executing online marketing and sales strategies to promote and sell products through these platforms.

The New Chamber of Commerce

Brand Redesign

The main objective of a brand redesign is to improve the perception and recognition of the brand in the minds of consumers, employees and other stakeholders, as well as to strengthen their positioning in the market.

Taste the Exquisite

Advertising - Campaign

We use an advertising strategy in which we collaborate with social media influencers or specialists in the alcoholic beverage category to create brand affinity with people and promote the different ways of consuming PAMA.

Scan & Go

Advertising campaigns

We created a campaign to promote the use of the new mobile application focused on increasing visibility, downloads and active use of the app. This included actions such as online and social media advertising, collaborations with influencers, special promotions, attractive and educational content, and optimization of the app's presence in the app stores (App Store and Google Play) to improve its positioning and attract more users.

Ponte La Tuya

Creation of an educational campaign

We created an educational campaign through an initiative organized and led by the Socioeconomic and Community Development Office together with non-profit entities with the objective of educating and creating the new habit of using face masks during Covid-19.

La Tiraera Tomb


We use an advertising strategy in which brands collaborate with influencers, artists on social networks and people in general to create a social movement of awareness about the importance of taking care of our beaches and tourist areas.