La Tiraera Tomb

We use an advertising strategy in which brands collaborate with influencers, artists on social networks and people in general to create a social movement of awareness about the importance of taking care of our beaches and tourist areas.

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‍InHoly Week 2021, many Puerto Ricans were eager to get out and enjoy the island's beautiful beaches. However, there was a growing concern about the amount of trash accumulating on them and the lack of awareness of the importance of taking care of our island.


To address this problem, an innovative marketing campaign was launched that combined music and environmental awareness. The campaign, titled "Tumba la Tiraera," centered on a catchy, hit song that became a call to clean up Puerto Rico's beaches. The song and its educational message were clear: if you're going to enjoy Puerto Rico's beaches, don't leave trash behind.

The campaign gained strength thanks to the union of influencers and personalities from all over the island who joined the call for cleanliness. The success of the song and its message was due in large part to the collaboration of these opinion leaders, who used their platforms to spread the message of environmental responsibility and the importance of keeping our beaches clean.


Asa result of the campaign, greater awareness was generated about beach cleanliness and environmental protection in Puerto Rico. In addition, a decrease in the amount of garbage left on the beaches during the Easter season and beyond was observed.

In summary, the "Tumba la Tiraera" campaign proved to be a marketing success story by combining catchy music, local influences and a clear educational message to promote environmental responsibility and the cleanliness of Puerto Rico's beaches.