The New Chamber of Commerce

The main objective of a brand redesign is to improve the perception and recognition of the brand in the minds of consumers, employees and other stakeholders, as well as to strengthen their positioning in the market.

The New Chamber of Commerce
Brand Redesign


Givenits conservative nature and the country's economic problems, the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce faces great challenges in retaining and attracting new members.


Recognizing that Puerto Ricans are more entrepreneurial than ever, we have challenged the board and recommended that they renew their social commitment, as well as present a new and more progressive image that reflects the current times and our collective goals for the future.


After implementing the new image and focusing on a stronger social commitment, it is likely that the Chamber of Commerce experienced an increase in participation and interest from new members. By projecting a more progressive image aligned with the times, the Chamber attracted young entrepreneurs and business people who are interested in collaborating and contributing to the collective goals of the future. In addition, the renewed focus on social engagement generated a more positive perception of the Chamber in the community, which in turn spurred support and collaboration from other organizations and the general public.