Taste the Exquisite

We use an advertising strategy in which we collaborate with social media influencers or specialists in the alcoholic beverage category to create brand affinity with people and promote the different ways of consuming PAMA.

Advertising - Campaign
Social networks


Developa brand awareness campaign to raise PAMA's profile and become a household name in Puerto Rico. Make our way into a highly competitive category with a fully BTL strategy (Point of Sale and Social Media) to gain maximum exposure among our target audience and increase their familiarity.


We harnessed the power of social media and influencer marketing to create a campaign targeting PAMA's versatility. Through collaborations with leading lifestyle influencers, we produced a wide variety of content, from stories to longer-form videos such as unboxings and reels, that showcased and positioned PAMA as the best drink for a good time.

Project result

In a short period of time, we were able to bring PAMA to the island. Sales grew at exponential levels and our social media account gained 10,000 followers in a couple of months, resulting in increased consumer demand, increased sales and more influence in the beverage industry. In less than 2 years, PAMA has become one of the fastest growing brands in Puerto Rico.